Case Studies

Below are a few case studies that highlight the River Global process and describe the outcomes to some of our most successful endeavors.

Case Studies

Below are a few case studies that highlight the River Global process and describe the outcomes to some of our most successful endeavors.

Food Export USA

Chile and Peru Mission 2019

In September of 2019 River Global organized a trade mission to Chile and Peru with 14 U.S. food exporters. As the representative in South America for Food Export in the Midwest and Northwest USA, River Global curated a plan for success which included:

  • designing cost-effective exportation promotion activities
  • paired exporters with high qualified matchmaking services
  • scheduled one on one meetings with lead buyers in Chile and Peru, totaling over 160 meetings combined
  • provided a complete market analysis which detailed a comprehensive understanding of the local food and beverage industries through guided retail tours, market research reports
  • a market briefing with market specialists was held, along with a networking reception with key industry players

Participating exporters project over $3.6 million USD in sales will be infused into both markets as a result of this mission.


“The meetings were perfect and a big part of our success. Excellent organization and great support”.

“I’ve attended 3-4 of the Trade Missions before and I think this has been the best one yet. I’m very happy with the level of the support from Food Export and River Global. There has been attention to detail and the quality of the buyers has been strong.”

“This has been by far the best Food Export event our company has attended. The team did a great job planning and executing the event.”

“Congratulations! Everything was impeccable. Great mission. Great quality of buyers. Really well organized. (…) Potential leads are really attentive. We love to be part of Food Export missions. I have to say that this particular one by far has been the best that I have done in years.”



“River Global is an asset to ASMI. The team’s outreach to South America is beneficial to spread ASMI’s message. The team is very engaged and knowledgeable about Alaska seafood. The strong social media presence and creativity is fun and a great leader board figure for all of ASMI. Carolina’s hard work is inspiring.”

“River Global has strong trade relations and is outstandingly responsive to the industry’s interests and requests.” 

“The team goes above and beyond on missions.”

 “River Global can work independently on import issues and on shipments to Brazil, which is very helpful.”

Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute

(ASMI) in Brazil

Since 2011 River Global has represented the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, before this partnership, direct exports from Alaska to Brazil were close to zero. After years of hard work, River Global has been able to develop over 15 vendors of Alaska Seafood in Brazil and we built an online community of more than 1.2 million potential consumers. Our strategy included:

  • providing education to exporters of Alaska Seafood
  • ensuring unencumbered market access and providing regulatory support
  • Engaging in trade development with seafood importers, processors, retailers and food service operators
  • Leading trade and buyers missions to support Alaska Seafoods expansion
  • Participation in multiple trade shows, as well as providing trainings, organizing seminars and workshops, creating retail and foodservice promotions to boost sales

Today, Alaska Seafood can be found in more than 400 point-of -sales locations across the country and River Global has generated over $40 million USD in direct exports, and that is only just the beginning. In 2019 we took on a new challenge, opening new markets of Alaska Seafood across Latin America!

USDEC and US Cheese

Program in Chile

Beginning in April 2016 River Global has served as the representative in South America for the US Dairy Export Council. Initially, the representation was focused on ensuring market access to South America to the U.S. dairy industry through monitoring of regulations, advocacy and support with registrations and documentation along with other regulatory requirements necessary in order to export to the market. River Global was able to accomplish the goals set forth by enlisting over 60 plant and product registrations in Brazil.

In 2019 it was time to engage in more activities including marketing programs for cheese and various dairy ingredients. Taking on this new task, River Global began to:



    • perform market research to find the most suitable location– Chile was selected for the implementation of the US Cheese Marketing Program


    • organized a trade mission with seven US cheese exporters to Chile
    • created partnerships with those company representatives offering the opportunity of first hand experience in the market, participating in retail tours and site visits, attendance to networking events with leading Chilean industry players and government officials, opportunities to view product demos as well as receive press coverage and we planned over 100 one on one meetings with qualified Chilean buyers
    • organized trade shows and tasting sessions
    • created social media channels to strengthen relations with importers, distributors and retailers in an effort to boost US cheese exports to Chile

As a result of our efforts US exports grew 14% and the US gained 5% of the market share. This success came after only one year of the program being introduced, during a 2% drop of the total cheese volume imported to Chile.


“Great job from River Global”

“A very good event!! The company already has very good coverage in Chile, but this mission gave me the opportunity to explore other market opportunities with smaller distributors and in the retail sector.”

“Best mission I have participated in 9 years of exporting.”

“Perfect organization, top notch contacts. All activities: A+”

“Overall a stellar job by the team and looking forward to doing it again.”


“The service from Food Export & River Global was great and all the staff was amazing. We also met several different customers and the booth was really nice and the space for the meetings. Thank you for all the programs.”

“Looking forward to joining the mission next year.”

“I highly recommend participation in the event. Extraordinary opportunities and flawless logistical execution of all aspects by the team of Food Export Midwest and River Global.”

This is by far the best Food Export event I had ever experienced. The set up and the connections and arrangement River Global had provided were excellent! The connections were right on point and targeted the perfect matches. I will definitely consider another trade mission w/ Food Export/River Global again!”

Food Export USA

FISA 2018

On behalf of Food Export, in 2018, River Global organized a trade mission focused on food ingredients to be imported to Brazil. Seven US exporters travelled to Brazil to participate with pre-scheduled meetings arranged for them. These US exporters had a chance to learn about the local food industry by speaking with USDA specialists and by visiting, and having a chance to converse with, a food importer and distributor. They attended a tasting session that displayed ways varying ingredients could be utilized in local products and cuisines.

US companies also had a chance to showcase their products at a networking reception, and through sessions set up by River Global with potential importers and qualified local players. They also received printed marketing materials that were passed out in the local language. Furthermore, these companies were paired with a food specialist interpreter at the main food trade show in South America, FISA.

During FISA, 73 pre-scheduled meetings with qualified buyers took place, and 56 additional meetings, by individuals who were also in attendance, were scheduled. An estimated $1.7 million USD in sales for the next 12 months is projected and nearly $500 thousand USD has already been purchased and arrived in Brazil.

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